Confined space interventions (Industrial Maintenance)

Safe Work within confined spaces


Working in confined spaces requires specific adjustments to the methods of work of any task. B-T-H teams are appropriately trained and certified in Confined Space work and operate safely within confined spaces. Our customers can be assured that safetyt is our priority.


Safety every Time.

B-T-H number one priority is SAFETY. Certain environments, such as confined spaces, require specific adjustments to the methods of work of any task. With the correct training, careful planning, the use of appropriate PPE and safety equipment, and strict adherence to international safety Standards, B-T-H operate safely within confined spaces.


Confined spaces missions:

Confined Space works include:

  • visual and NDT inspections
  • cleaning and de-contamination works
  • repair and maintenance
  • welding
  • painting and coating

Confined spaces include:


  • storage tanks
  • tank cars
  • process vessels
  • boilers
  • pressure vessels
  • silos and other tank-like compartments
  • open-topped spaces
  • pipes
  • shafts
  • ducts and similar structures
  • cargo tanks
  • cellular double bottom tanks
  • duct keels
  • ballast and oil tanks
  • sewers
  • void spaces




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